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OTDW: Couatl

The ancestors of the Couatls built their society on the back of their altruism and compassion. But a long time as passed since they first laid down their civilisation, and two very different groups have developed very different approaches to living in a dangerous world.

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OTDW: Thri-Kreen

The deserts are a land of intense temperature fluctuations and sparse resources. As we already saw with the tlincalli, deserts birth races willing to forgo what many would consider basic morals in return for an increased chance at survival. The thri-kreen are another example of this strive to survive, resulting in an interesting group of sapients with a hands on approach to life and a less than ideal worldview on anthropophagy.

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Developing Green Races: A Culture of Violence

Orcs are all too often portrayed as violent war mongers. Are my orcs the same? Yep. But I’m gonna give them some reasons why beyond just because.

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Project Idea Dump: Elder World

What would have happened to mankind if beasts beyond our knowledge of time and science had interacted with us in days of old? What if the Cthulhu Mythos was more fact than fiction?

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Developing Green Races: Hierarchy of Needs

Summary: I have a look at Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, and how changing the order of needs can help shape the behaviour and culture of fantasy races.

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