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OTDW: Kobolds

Deep in the mountains, scratching and muttering can be heard in their caverns. Through narrow passageways and vicious traps, the kobolds make their living. These bipedal reptilians have made their society on the desire to be safe and secure, where they can pray for the day that their dragon lords come for their chosen people.

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OTDW: Couatl

The ancestors of the Couatls built their society on the back of their altruism and compassion. But a long time as passed since they first laid down their civilisation, and two very different groups have developed very different approaches to living in a dangerous world.

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OTDW: Yak-Folk

Found in the plateaus of mountainous regions, the yak-folk are an elusive race with a tendency towards rich cultural histories and colorful civilizations. Standing at seven to eight feet tall, the yak-folk are easily recognized by their long fur coats, cloven hooves, and the horns on the males.

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