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OTDW: Couatl

The ancestors of the Couatls built their society on the back of their altruism and compassion. But a long time as passed since they first laid down their civilisation, and two very different groups have developed very different approaches to living in a dangerous world.

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OTDW: Yak-Folk

Found in the plateaus of mountainous regions, the yak-folk are an elusive race with a tendency towards rich cultural histories and colorful civilizations. Standing at seven to eight feet tall, the yak-folk are easily recognized by their long fur coats, cloven hooves, and the horns on the males.

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OTDW: Thri-Kreen

The deserts are a land of intense temperature fluctuations and sparse resources. As we already saw with the tlincalli, deserts birth races willing to forgo what many would consider basic morals in return for an increased chance at survival. The thri-kreen are another example of this strive to survive, resulting in an interesting group of sapients with a hands on approach to life and a less than ideal worldview on anthropophagy.

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OTDW: Succubi & Incubi

The succubi are what is known as a symbiont race; their culture and lifestyles are primarily dependent on those of other races. In the case of succubi (also called incubi- we’ll address this later), they are creatures that are dependent on humans and humanoid races for their survival.

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OTDW: Firenewts

Dependent on intense heat for their reproduction and survival, the firenewts have a history of totalitarianism and war. This is fueled by their limited resources, drive for survival, and intense religious devotion.

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OTDW: Neogi

From overseas, the neogi came with their whips and chains and hearts of pitch. Their numbers were low but their desire was great, and through determination and cunning they have made a foothold in the mortal plane. Whilst their control of land is minimal, their influence on other cultures is great, and they are well known as ruthless slavers.

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OTDW: Tlincalli

The tlincalli are a little understood race, due to their lack of written records of their past. Their nomadic lifestyle in an extreme environment has resulted in them not taking much time to delve into their own pasts, instead focusing on the present. They rarely dwell on the past for long; the very ideas of grudges and debts are quite foreign to them, as it based on things that have been and gone, not what is or will be.

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OTDW: Aarakocras

The aarakocra way of life is centered around their worship of the sky and respect for the mountains. In their mind, ascension is the greatest honor that can be granted to any being, with the gods above the sky and the lowest wretches of the world living deep underground. Aarakocra make their homes in mountain ranges, often in crevices and cliff faces that provide easy access to take off points.

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OTDW: Bullywugs

Found in swamps, marshlands, and mangrove forests, Bullywugs live where the ground is damp and the air is humid. They are beastfolk- humanoid races with strong animalistic traits- and require moisture to survive. Their dependence on wet environments has shaped much of their technology and lifestyles, as well as how they are perceived by other races.

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