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Greenbank: idea dump

For want of a better name, Greenbank is my response to¬†fiction such as Redwall, Mouse Guard, Watership Down etc. that uses woodland wildlife and puts it in low fantasy settings. I decided to have a little bit of a brainstorm about how I’d go about doing such a thing. This plan isn’t meant to be completely unlike already existing fiction, but hopefully it will have a bit of my own flair to it.

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OTDW: Tlincalli

The tlincalli are a little understood race, due to their lack of written records of their past. Their nomadic lifestyle in an extreme environment has resulted in them not taking much time to delve into their own pasts, instead focusing on the present. They rarely dwell on the past for long; the very ideas of grudges and debts are quite foreign to them, as it based on things that have been and gone, not what is or will be.

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OTDW: Aarakocras

The aarakocra way of life is centered around their worship of the sky and respect for the mountains. In their mind, ascension is the greatest honor that can be granted to any being, with the gods above the sky and the lowest wretches of the world living deep underground. Aarakocra make their homes in mountain ranges, often in crevices and cliff faces that provide easy access to take off points.

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OTDW: Bullywugs

Found in swamps, marshlands, and mangrove forests, Bullywugs live where the ground is damp and the air is humid. They are beastfolk- humanoid races with strong animalistic traits- and require moisture to survive. Their dependence on wet environments has shaped much of their technology and lifestyles, as well as how they are perceived by other races.

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March on Olympus: Pantheon

The Greek Pantheon is a powerhouse of incest. Or is it an incest house of power? Either way, the Pantheon is the centre of the Greek way of life, dictating their laws and expressing their divine wrath in as many ways as possible. This is based on my ideas for the Ancient Greek writing prompt post.

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Over The Dungeon Wall

I’m (hopefully) going to be starting a project in 2017 called Over The Dungeon Wall (OTDW). This project is going to be a culture and race development spree, based on taking lesser developed races from the Dungeons and Dragons series and giving them some flesh and blood.

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Writing Prompt: March on Olympus

“You’re an Ancient Greek man coming home from 4 months of war to find your wife 3 months pregnant. Now you’ve embarked on a solemn quest: to punch Zeus in the face.”

This is a great writing prompt from writing-prompt-s, so I’ve decided to give writers a few ideas with it. Let’s take a look at some mythological figures that could be used to inspire characters, or could even appear themselves in the March on Olympus.

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Yurid Dahk: Making a Gnoll Deity

An RP has recently started on a forum I’m on, in which players act as the deity of a fantasy race and guide them towards prosperity. In my case, I decided to go for gnolls. Here’s how I created my character, and what I’d like to see them develop into.

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Developing Green Races: A Culture of Violence

Orcs are all too often portrayed as violent war mongers. Are my orcs the same? Yep. But I’m gonna give them some reasons why beyond just because.

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